Thursday, March 17, 2011


Yesterday (late) evening there was the Magnolia Night at Hackergarten. Next to our host Hamlet D'Arcy and 4 Magnolia fellows, there was 7 attendees from various companies. After a short introduction to the product we quickly choose the topics for the night.

We ended up splitting into two groups. Mine was trying to dig into the recently created OpenSocial Container module and especially attacking the currently missing OAuth integration there.

I have to admit we did not get something to run (in contrast to the other group) but this was not really surprising considering the fact that all group members (except me) had never before worked with Magnolia nor had knowledge about OpenSocial. Next to some deeper insights into OAuth we had a lot of nice conversations and were discussing many Magnolia and/or OpenSocial related aspects.
Considering that most of as had already worked some 8+ hours before and that Basler Fasnacht was still going on outside this is quite an outcome I'd say ;-)

Especially striking: again it turned out that the social in OpenSocial doesn't really help to convince people that this is something extremely useful for less social use cases. That's why I added a short intro to our module's Wiki page especially pointing out that there's a whole bunch of big companies using it for there less social apps.

To summarize I can say it was a great evening and I got to know a bunch of cool hackers. I bet the others liked it as well...

Thx a lot Hamlet for hosting the whole event and providing food & beer!

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